Top 5 mobile games make 'sisters' fall in love

Accompanied with the atmosphere of 8.3 around the world, join the Youth Game to check out the mobile games that are loved by "sisters" in Vietnam."Civil war of the civil war" which is always a favorite of our sisters from the past. Everyone once dreamed of being born as a precious natural body, Phung Hoang Chi King, a model of natural beauty. However, in our time, those wishes exist only on good old-fashioned movies in love novels. With the Royal Palace 360mobi , the desire for women to proclaim the king as close to the female faction. From here, female gamers were able to spoil the fingers of girls like poison, enchantments, needles, ... through the excellent features of the game.
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The characters of the Royal Star 360mobi always have high competition in many aspects, creating strong drama for players. In addition, the life in this palace is also extremely diverse and has never been boring. As a strong girl, you can fight for your feminist to become Emperor. If you are a fashionable girl, you will be fascinated by the magnificent royal costumes of the ancient queens. Or if you are an introverted girl, the features of marriage, childbirth, cooking and housewife are definitely more suitable for you.
360mobi Hoang Cung Dream
Relocated by VNG to Vietnam in August018, 360mobi Hoang Cung Dream is evaluated as the "brother" of the Royal Star 360mobi , and of course, the game also possesses very attractive "daughter" features. female gamers. Instead of having 2D graphics like his sister, 360mobi Mong Hoang possesses an extremely realistic 3D configuration, clearly describing every detail. The title of the game continued, so the story of the internal war with the battle screen of the place where the ban was full of intrigue and calculation.
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Players will be incarnated as a true frequency, using their power to step forward in the war to win the throne. In order to achieve the goal, you need to collect many entourage standing in the same battle line positively competing for power, possessing more beauty than people with diverse costumes, being extremely meticulously upgraded or even being able to marry, get married, be comfortable interacting, "selfie" with the brothers and sisters to create their own strong empire as well as a solid spiritual foundation on the path of supply, ... seems to be accumulated Full match in the game.
Au 2! Mobile
AU 2! is an attractive music dance music game, the game is rated as a product that retains the visual and gameplay design style from the client Audition version, and has new elements to match the platform. Mobile in the new era, helping players experience everywhere.
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With the "standard style Audition" message, you can see that AU 2! will definitely bring with you the modes of play with familiar features similar to those of the elder. In addition, the game also allows players to play freely to create their own suits for the characters and connect to find four friends through the integrated social network within the game.
ZingSpeed ​​Mobile
Dubbed as "the racing mecca for stylish gamers", ZingSpeed ​​Mobile is undoubtedly the most hot name in about half a year. The game not only successfully reproduced the legendary ZingSpeed ​​PC, but also brought a world of racing that combines music and trendy fashion for gamers.
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ZingSpeed ​​Mobile always knows how to highlight its own quality graphics through super cars of all shapes and colors, as well as a variety of stylish outfits. With a list of dozens of racing cars that are both beautiful and funny, ZingSpeed ​​Mobile shows unlimited creativity with all types of colors and colors for each car. Besides, the fashion system is also calculated by "warehouse" with hundreds of sets of all kinds of styles, from dynamic, luxurious to "cheesy", allowing gamers to match the luxurious map.
Fashion Star 360mobi
Fashion Star is one of the first few fashion mobile games in Vietnam. With sparkling images, unique storyline, new gameplay, Fashion Star promises to bring a great experience for young fashion lovers, especially girls.
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Fashion Star 360mobi possesses a rich fashion system from modern fashion models to classic and noble wings, allowing players to freely express their style. Besides, gamers will enter the journey to the world parallel to reality, where there are 7 kingdoms with different fashion styles, with situations that require proper coordination to overcome challenges. .
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