The secret to raising nick Facebook against checkpoint to sell online and run ads 2019

Currently raising a new Facebook account in Vietnam is extremely difficult. Most newly created accounts will be verified by the checkpoint, which seems to be a default feature that Facebook created to limit clone accounts, virtual accounts that negatively affect their Bigdata and plus Advertisers in Vietnam.

However, this job affected quite a lot to Facebook users with the purpose of joining this social network or used for business purposes and running ads. So in this article, mik would like to share with everyone how to create and build new Facebook nick in 7 days to limit nick being checked by Facaebook.

Create a Facebook account
To create a Facebook account, you need to have it

Phone number to confirm
Gmail / Yahoo Mail to make mailboxes

You can use the student sim, cheap sim to reg account Facebook. (1 sim can be reg for many nick)
The newly created Gmail / Yahoo needs to act as a "live" Email so you should sign up for free news from websites so that Google and Facebook see this as an email every day.
Create an excel file to save information: Mail, date of birth, password, phone number (if any) for easy management
Facebook nick image
I used to create a lot of nicknames Facebook has a female image in avatar, cover photo. Although you have saved your backup account information thoroughly but if you have been verified with Facebook photos, even if you can open it, it will continue for a few days.

It seems that Facebook is very interested in female Facebook accounts created in Vietnam. This is understandable because the number of AE creates Facebook fake nick of female singers and hot faces in Vietnam. So if you create a female Facebook nick, the ability to check the nick is very high.


Should create Facebook nick gender NAM
To make avatar images, cover photos and photos stand out clearly
The images must have the same face angle for the AI ​​of Facebook to recognize the standard face (in case of having a checkpoint of the image, just need to upload a clear picture of the face to be opened immediately - this is my experience)
Build an account interaction
To prove to your Facebook account that you are a real user, you need to connect with people on Facebook. Do the following:

Search and join highly interactive groups on Facebook (communities for teenagers, improvisation, institutions, comics ...)
Participating in the range of 10 - 20 groups per day (not being able to participate continuously will be susceptible to checkpoint) (pinning substance groups on the homepage)
Like and let the preview of famous Pages or your preferences
Like and comment on the 10 postings on the Page / Groups just joined.
Actively tag, make friends manually with Page / Team members

Build content for the account
Often, the thinking of business AE is to create an acc will focus on posting immediately sales or sharing articles from your sales page. So both lack of professionalism does not attract customers because the content is too poor. So AE should diversify its content on the wall.

For AE who want to raise multiple accounts at the same time, do the following:

Post photos tag friends (other nick) to increase trust for each other
Post video or livestream live video (refer to free livestream applications like gostream, streambold, ...)
Update personal information clearly
Make friends with other nicks
Texting back and forth
Set these nick to make each other's trust (to create trust and link between new accounts)

For these jobs, AE only needs to spend about 15 minutes a day to do and perform regularly for 7 - 14 days. After this time, AE can use it for online sales or for work, family or friends.
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