This is little sharing from personal experience, and the many missing shortcomings you overlook. Experience on ADS and online Face business development.
1 / #Target:
- If the aviation industry is too specific, run wide (only target age, location and gender).
- Do not run the hobby because: fb scans according to his behavior, so much when not standard. And the more interests, the more expensive it is.
- If it is a specialized product: real estate, functional food ... then search for groups and fanpage in the same field. Using the UID scan tool (it seems that it is now forbidden to run UID, but to run mail, phone number should learn carefully when running) -> run on that UID (mail, phone number)
- Should run remarketing (facebook may run for those who have interacted page (like share comment inbox) or like or comment or share or inbox, depending on the purpose of which content attract different.
- According to me, I know that the carrier provides localtion messaging service (for example, going to Da Lat will have a welcome message from a certain service).
- Gray / Black hat: install the tool on the website, run facebook ads so that whenever users use the phone to access the web -> get the phone number. Call for advice. (This way you can install it on the web or use the service)
2 / #Content: includes images and text
you only have 3s for customers to stop reading your ads, if you take that 3s, you will have 50% success, content should be noted:
- Photos are the most important, need a lot of investment (beautiful, strange, look over and understand what you sell, summarize messages in 1-2 lines)
- Shock title and sub title: stop long lines in the first sentence, give customers a sentence only, and that must be a CONFIRMED sentence about products, brands or benefits v..v ... Below are those support for that title. The most important part is to press SEE MORE, so sub title must be stimulated in the right place, stop the word see more
- Google search "facebook ad image size". If not paying attention, the image will be cut and look not good.
- Note 20% text -> do not insert many words on the image.
- If brand sales, should cover the logo or capture the corners of the logo.
- Do not use images before - after.
- Do not use images that are too nude (skin), pink and red
* Note :
- If the ad clip (video) should pay attention to whether the clip is copyrighted music or not.
- It is possible to circumvent the law of brand sales by living stream or recording product clips again.
- Obey policy facebook. Common errors: using white words, weight loss, commitments such as 100% 90%, using brick shift like # write_hastag_example, the icon is too much.
- The deciding factor is at the top 6 of the article. Because from the seventh row the content is hidden. Should follow me the top 6 needs
+ Something to pay attention, print flowers: SALE, PROMOTIONS, DISCOUNT ...
+ 1 reason customers have to buy: extremely shocking discounts, limited promotion time, limited promotional products ...
+ Aftersales: permanent warranty, lifetime warranty, freeship, exchange returns when defective ...
- Ways to promote purchases: freeship give you 50 first comments, give 50 discounts for the first comment ... force customers to fast because the product has a limited or limited promotional period ...
- Words should be available to beat CHEAP psychology: Price decreases ONLY, ONLY prices ...
- 1 article needs 10 following factors
+ attractive title
+ does not enter parameters but has the previous PR section
+ Product specifications
+ feeling customers have used
+ Price policy
+ Attractive gifts when using the service or buying products
+ warranty
+ Call for purchase with hotline
+ contact information
+ post layout
- PR content
+ Talk about product benefits and services
+ The content is short, thorough and concise
+ If the reason for buying the product, why buy it? What are the benefits of buying.
+ Using the language of the reader
- Tips when selling products, for customers or bargaining, customers will not be able to bid:
+ Discount over time
+ Sell by combo
+ Gifts
+ Warranty policy
* Currently facebook is reducing page interaction, increasing the rate of friends posts
---> The share rate of friends' posts will appear much
SOLUTION: force share.
For example: Share to get 20% discount when buying or selling price only applies to those who share the article.
Many ae still bewildered not know optimal ad ntn. Simple:
- Interaction (ocpm): This part of FB will be optimized so that there are as many INTERACTIONS as possible (including click), suitable for reach reach for Page sales, or community page development.
- CPC: This section will be optimal for as many CLICK as possible, suitable for direct sales on the page. If you want to push orders, you should set a CPC
- CPM: Optimized for as many DISPLAYS as possible. Suitable for Branding (brand identity) or with a specific customer file (Fan has liked the page, the object has visited the web) - Remarketing, Retargeting
To optimize ads, the objects have liked the page, the web click is simple, no need to take into account. For new subjects, how to do it? The steps are as follows:
1- Determine the target of advertising, budget to make a suitable plan
2- Content upload, no need to be standard but must be relatively consistent with insight

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